Unleashing Amana ADB1400AGS: Power-Packed Dishwasher Review

On the hunt for a dependable dishwasher? This review delves deep into the realm of the Amana dishwasher, examining its unparalleled cleaning prowess and uncovering the nuances between its pros and cons. Come along as we navigate this exploration to determine if the Amana dishwasher suits your kitchen requirements.

A Pocket-Friendly Cleaning Dynamo

Are you looking for a dishwasher that won’t break the bank but will leave your dishes sparkling clean? Look no further than the Amana ADB1400AGS. Priced affordably and often available for under $400, this dishwasher packs a punch for cleaning power.

Pros and Cons: Breaking It Down


  • Great Cleaning Power: Surprisingly effective for its price.
  • Affordable: Budget-friendly, making it a steal.


  • Limited Features: Few bells and whistles.
  • Basic Design: Not the fanciest or the quietest option in the market (operates at 60 dBA).

Aesthetic Appeal: Stainless Steel Charm

Amana Dishwasher

Design Choices: Stainless Steel or Classic Colors

The ADB1400AGS comes in a sleek stainless steel design, a must for a stylish kitchen. While you may need to deal with a few fingerprints, a quick wipe with coconut oil does the trick.

If stainless steel isn’t your vibe, fret not; it’s also available in classic white or black at a slightly lower cost.

Interior Insights: Functionality Over Flashiness

Inside, the dishwasher sports an uninsulated grey plastic interior with two racks. Unfortunately, customization options for the rack layout are limited. However, following the user manual’s recommended layout surprisingly maximizes the available space, accommodating service for 12, as claimed by the manufacturer.

The bottom rack feels robust, but the top rack might leave you wanting more stability. On the bright side, the silverware basket is generously sized and easily removable for hassle-free unloading.

Features and Performance: Stripping Away the Essentials

Cleaning Cycles: Quality Over Quantity

This dishwasher keeps it simple with just three cycles:

  1. 1-hour Wash: A quick cycle, averaging just over an hour, handling meat, egg, milk, and oats effectively. Pre-rinsing is advisable, and don’t expect impeccable drying.
  2. Standard: The go-to cycle for nearly 100% clean dishes. Heated drying kicks in automatically, a necessity for achieving thoroughly dry dishes.
  3. Heavy: Tackling the toughest stains, this cycle handles most challenges, costing around $32 annually.

User Experience: A Candid Take

What Users Are Saying

User reviews paint a generally positive picture, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars across multiple retail sites. Satisfied owners praise the dishwasher’s sleek appearance, ease of use, and ability to deliver spotlessly clean dishes. However, some users note the slower cycles and occasional drying challenges.

An intriguing observation emerges—while the Amana is relatively loud compared to modern dishwashers, those replacing older models appreciate its quieter operation, proving that noise perception is subjective.

The Bottom Line: A Smart Investment in Cleanliness

In conclusion, the Amana ADB1400AGS dishwasher rises above its price point, delivering impressive cleaning performance. Lab tests confirm its ability to achieve nearly 100% clean dishes on the Normal cycle, with heated drying adding the finishing touch. Stick to this cycle for optimal results unless you enjoy pre-rinsing your dishes.

Are you considering more investment? The GE GDF610P series dishwasher, with its Editors’ Choice badge and Best of the Year 2017 recognition, might be worth exploring. Loaded with features, shorter cycles, and impeccable cleaning and drying capabilities, it presents a compelling alternative for those willing to stretch their budget.

Remember, prices mentioned were accurate at publication but may fluctuate over time. So, choose your dishwasher wisely and enjoy the luxury of spotless, hassle-free cleaning!

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